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1不要害怕消防人员会保护你Please do not be afraid, the firefighter will protect you.

2请保持镇定!Please stay calm.

3我们会尽力帮助你We will do our best to help you.

4不要惊慌!Do not panic!

5用湿毛巾盖住口鼻Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose.

6尽快走到最近的紧急出口Walk quickly to the nearest emergency exit.

7不要去拿你的个人财物Do not take your personal belongings.

8不要使用电梯!Do not use the elevators.

9不要试图跳楼Do not attempt to jump off the building.

10避免吸入浓烟Try not to breath in the smoke.

11我们会把你的朋友救出来We will do our best to rescue your friend.

12我们已经将火势扑灭We have put out the fire.

13你有没有受伤?Are you injured?

14你哪里痛?Where does it hurt?

15紧闭门窗!!Shut the doors and windows well!!

16你从哪里打电话Where are you calling from?

17你是否有受伤或是受困Are you injured or trapped?

18假如来电者受伤留在你现在的位置。我们正派人前往协助。假如你距离火灾现场太近,或是有闻到天然瓦斯,在你伤势许可的范围下,离开那个区域,但是仍请留在现场附近,这样救难人员才能找到你If the caller is injured:Stay where you are. We are sending help.  If there are fires dangerously close, or if you smell natural gas, move as far away from the area as your injuries allow, but remain in the general vicinity so that rescuers can find you.

19假如来电者没有受伤:你是否知道身旁有没有其他人受伤请描述一下现场受损的状况If the caller is not injured:Do you know if there are others injured around you? Please describe the damage in your area?

20不要试着单独去残骸堆中救人。在没有专业的救援技术及设备下,你可能伤害到待救者Do not try to extricate victims from debris on your own. You might harm them without the use of professional rescue techniques and equipment.

21假如你发现受害者,用闪亮明显的物体标示他们的位置,然后打电话进来,并留在现场直到消防人员抵达If you find victims, mark their location with something bright and obvious, call back, and remain in the area until fire-rescue arrives on-scene.

22远离窗户或玻璃区域。避免大型玻璃天井区域,通常是在大卖场的中央位置Stay away from windows or glassed areas. Avoid large, glassed atrium areas such as might be found in the center of a mall.

23远离有宽敞天花板区域的大型房间,像是餐厅或是健身房Stay away from large rooms with wide ceiling areas, like dining halls or gymnasiums.

24你现在在哪里Where are you?25建筑物现在是否着火Is the structure on fire?

26你有看见或是闻到烟味吗Do you see or smell smoke?

27假如建筑物着火,则以一般正常建筑物火灾案件响应派遣If the structure is on fire, dispatch a full structure response?

28你必须立即撤离整栋建筑物You need to evacuate the structure immediately.

29假如你看见火光,看见或闻到烟雾,你必须马上撤离这栋建筑物If you see fire, or see or smell smoke, then you must evacuate the structure.

30除非你正使用移动电话,否则挂上电直到闪电经过。闪电有可能从电话线中传导,并造成你受伤或死亡Unless you are on a portable or cell phone, hang up until the lightning has passed. Lightning can travel along phone lines and injure or kill you.

31你的房屋是闪电发生时最安全的地方。假如你在屋内,就留在里面。远离窗户及电器用品Your house is the safest place to be in a lightning storm. If you are inside, stay there. Avoid windows and electrical appliances.

32受害者现在人在哪里Where is the victim?

33试着分辨受害者是否迷失方向或呼吸困难Try to determine if the victim is disoriented, or having difficulty breathing.

34只要来电者到了安全的地方,则透过正常的紧急救护程序处理任何受伤问题Once the caller is in a safe place, handle any injuries per normal EMD procedures.

35你的位置在哪里Where are you located?

36你是否受困在你的车内Are you trapped in your vehicle?

37水是否很深,或是流动很快Is the water deep, or flowing fast.

38你的车辆是否漂浮假如是的话,往哪个方向漂流Is your vehicle floating If so, which direction is it going.

39假如有人受困在很深且流动快速的水里,且车辆正在漂浮,特别是水已经流进车内,车内的人员生命受到威胁时If the person is trapped in very deep, fast-moving water and/or the vehicle is floating away especially if water is getting into the automobile and their life is threatened.

40让车内的人打开一边的窗户,或是以鞋子或其他硬质的物体击破窗户Try to open a side window, or break it with your shoe or some other solid object.

41试着从车内找一个可以漂浮的物体。假如找不到任何东西的话,你可以用外套或衬杉制作替代的漂浮工具Try to find a flotation device of some sort in your automobile. If nothing else is available, you can use a jacket or shirt to trap air, and create your own makeshift flotation cushion.

42留在你的车内,我们已经通知消防人员前往了Stay in your car. We are sending the fire department.

43淹水是否已进到屋内Is the water inside the mobile home.

44假如屋外的淹水没有流动很快,或是水中没有太多的残骸,找一个地方撤离,像是附近干燥的地面If the water outside isn、t flowing too fast, or if the water doesn、t contain too much debris, then choose a place to evacuate such as nearby dry ground.

45假如水流速度太快,或是有其他任何理由让移动到高的地方变得不安全,请试着移动到稳定建筑物的屋顶If the water is flowing too fast, or if for any other reason it seems unsafe to try to get to high ground, try to get to the roof of a stable structure.

46当你离开时,找一个会漂浮的物体随身,像是沙发垫。每个人都要找一个随身Take some sort of flotation device such as a couch cushion with you when you leave. Take one such cushion for each person that is leaving.

47打开橱柜时要特别小心,注意里面的物品可能落掉下来Open cabinets cautiously. Beware of objects that can fall off shelves.

48远离受损的区域Stay away from damaged areas.

49除非特别受到警察、消防人员或救灾组织的要求,不然远离这些地方Stay away unless your assistance has been specifically requested by police, fire, or relief organizations.

50当相关单位表示安全时才能回到家中Return home only when authorities say it is safe.

51假如你住在海岸区域,注意可能的海啸Be aware of possible tsunamis if you live in coastal areas.

52当地的有关单位发布海啸警报时,可能有一连串的危险波浪即将接近When local authorities issue a tsunami warning, assume that a series of dangerous waves is on the way.

53远离海边Stay away from the beach

54协助受伤或受困的民众Help injured or trapped persons.

55记得协助需要特别协助的邻居,像是婴儿、老人或行动不便的人Remember to help your neighbors who may require special assistance such as infants, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

56收听最新报导,以了解当地地区水源供给是否安全可以饮用Listen for news reports to learn whether the communitys water supply is safe to drink.

57避免使用水库洪水余留的水,水质可能含有油污、汽油或污水。水源也可能因地下或倒塌的电力线路而蓄电Avoid floodwaters; water may be contaminated by oil, gasoline, or raw sewage. Water may also be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines.

58远离流动的水源Avoid moving water.

59注意淹水区域淹水消退的地方,这些地方道路可能毁损并在车子的重量下造成摊塌Be aware of areas where floodwaters have receded. Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.

60远离倒塌的电力线路,并向电力公司通报状况Stay away from downed power lines, and report them to the power company.

61当有关当局指示确认安全无虞后,才能返回自己家中Return home only when authorities indicate it is safe.

62远离被淹水包围的建筑物Stay out of any building if it is surrounded by floodwaters.

63进入建筑物时要特别小心。可能会有一些潜在的损坏,特别是地基的部份Use extreme caution when entering buildings; there may be hidden damage, particularly in foundations.

64  尽速检修受损的化粪池、污水池、滤水系统。受损的污水系统可能造成健康的重大危害Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits, and leaching systems as soon as possible. Damaged sewage systems are serious health hazards.

65清洁并消毒任何被水浸湿的东西。淹水退去留下的泥巴,可能含有秽物和化学物质Clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Mud left from floodwater can contain sewage and chemicals.

66假如你受到灼烧伤,打电话给119,冷却并覆盖住烧伤部位以减少更进一步受伤或感染的机会If you are burned, call 1-1-9 ; cool and cover burns to reduce chance of further injury or infection.

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